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Business Alarm System from just $698 + GST & Monitoring Options

Terms & Conditions apply, as the requirements for businesses vary.

An SMS Security business alarm system includes the installation of the latest equipment, fully supported by our Grade A1, 24/7 monitoring centre, based in Adelaide – to protect your premises and staff.

Our systems can combine motion detection, entry point detection, CCTV video cameras, and remote access.

We will assess the requirements for your business, and recommend the components needed to help maximise security.

Business Alarm SystemBest Value System + Options

$ 698 + GST

Plus options if required
  • Easy to use Codepad
  • 4G wireless (dual SIM) back to base monitoring device
  • Connect up to 32 zones
  • System battery backup
  • 3 year warranty
  • Internal siren
  • External siren + strobe
  • Arming and disarming remote kit available
  • Wireless options available
  • Smoke and thermal detectors available
  • Video cameras & recorders available
  • Additional sensors available
  • Patrol response available

24/7 Monitoring: GPRS (mobile network) monitoring from $1 per day.

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Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm System Technology

We have a range of wireless security solutions which means they can be installed with no cables and wiring throughout your business.

Our alarm components work using radio frequency (RF) technology to communicate signals to and from the system.

The control unit then communicates wirelessly via the 4G mobile network to our monitoring centre, if an alarm is triggered.

If you need to move business premises, a wireless system is portable and can be quickly uninstalled and moved to your new location.

Alarm Monitoring 24/7

Your business alarm system is monitored by our Adelaide based control room, with trained professionals delivering immediate support – all day every day.

If your alarm is activated, we receive a message from your system and will respond by contacting you, your emergency contacts, and if required – emergency services.

Home Alarm System Monitoring
Home Alarm System - Patrols

Security Patrols

For a small monthly fee, you can include up to 3 mobile security officer responses to any alarms from your business premises per year, as part of your plan.

In the event that your premises alarm has been triggered, SMS Security will follow your alarm instructions, and if none of your after hours contacts are available – we’ll dispatch a patrol to your business to assess the situation, and alert any necessary emergency services if required.

Whenever your business premises are unattended, our SMS Security mobile patrol response option can provide the professional assistance you need when required, for peace of mind.

Smoke Detectors

Our wired and wireless smoke detectors integrate with your business alarm system to help provide an extra layer of protection.

If smoke is detected, the detector will trigger your alarm system. Our smoke detectors are armed 24/7 so even when your alarm system is disarmed your smoke detectors will still alarm and alert you.

Smoke Detectors
CCTV Video Cameras

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Video Cameras

Business CCTV is a great way of enhancing your security, and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders – with cameras available for indoor or outdoor environments.

If you have an SMS Security business alarm system installed and a motion detector triggers the alarm, your CCTV can provide footage and evidence of what has caused your alarm.

With the availability of cost effective, reliable and fast internet options, the ability to view CCTV video from a remote location has become a viable option.

Your system can be setup so that in the event of an alarm, our monitoring operators can view live CCTV footage of your premises, to help determine what caused the alarm – and respond as appropriate.

CCTV Live Video & Recording

Check in whenever you want from your smartphone, tablet or computer to get a live view of what’s going on in your business e.g. to confirm if it’s staff or an intruder entering the building.

Capture motion or event-triggered video clips, making it easy to find exactly what you want to watch later. Get video clips sent directly to you via push or email when the main door/s open, the alarm goes off, or when motion is detected.

Even when you’re away from the premises – your CCTV system can be recording as needed using a Network Video Recorder (NVR). There’s space to record a month of non stop footage, and when set to motion-activated mode, you can store even more.

Record up to 30 days, and connect up to 8 high resolution cameras. Simple to operate & view footage.

Direct Wireless & App

NBN vs Mobile Network

For alarm system purposes, even if you’re connected to the NBN (National Broadband Network) for your internet, we’ll advise some alternative options for the alarm dialler, because the Uni-V Port on your NBN connection cannot be relied upon for the transmission of alarm signals to a central station.

Alternatives include Direct Wireless GPRS (mobile network) or (Internet Protocol) IP monitoring, to keep your business alarm system monitoring working reliably.

The Direct Wireless unit is our most popular alternative, as an inexpensive solution for the alarm dialler, which also eliminates the need for the NBN port and its backup battery. This way we can reliably communicate alarm transmissions over a private and secure Telstra GPRS network.

Direct Wireless also has a mobile App available, with pin code access available – so you can arm/disarm your panel and check the system status!

Business Automation

We can install a business alarm system which combines business security, monitoring, and automation – to bring you one solution to help protect and add functionality to your premises.

This can connect to some key systems in your business on one platform so they work more intelligently together.

Our business automation solution allows you to remotely arm and disarm your security system. or you can turn lights and equipment on to give the impression that there is someone at the premises, or off to save energy – and much more…

Home Automation

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